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Table | Countertop

One of the most commonly seen applications of Glaskeramik is for cladding and surfaces of reception counters and desks. The special optical charactistics of the material come to the fore in such applications as here shown.

Glaskeramik can, much like natural stone, be cut and worked into complex forms with waterjet and CNC tooling. We can also provide mitre cut corners or dropped and UV glue bonded aprons without any difficulty. In certain cases we may be able to offer either almost jointless 20+20 mm bonded sheet polished edges, even 20+20+20 mm, and even solid thick 45 mm slabs; the arisses at important junctions can be carefully minimized such that where slabs come together they can do so in a near seamless butted joint.

Green | Champagne Brown polished

Object: Restaurant Goud, Rotterdam, The Netherlands | Michel Opreij & Beisterveld


Clear, polished

Object: Countertop | Design + Realization: Naturstein Halbach GmbH, D-Gronau | Photo: Marleen Halbach


Green, polished, backlit

Object: Bar Vendsyssel Teater Hjørring, Denmark | Architects: Schmidt, Hammer, Lassen, Copenhagen

Polar White, polished, lit

Object: Showroom Ringot & Vallerecci Marbrerie, Paris

Light Grey and Polar White

Object: Di Bel Fashion Store Berlin

Polar White patinated

Object: Sport-Arena Leipzig | Photo: Marcus Bleyl

Ocean Blue patinated, backlit

Object: Discothek "Star", Bremen | Design + realisation: popup bau, Herford | Foto: Martin Stöver Fotografie, Weyhe

Ocean Blue polished, lit

Object: counter trade fair glasstech 2016

Polar White polished, lit

Jade polished

Brown patinated