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The many versatile faces of Glaskeramik show themselves even better in laboratory, sanitary and bathroom areas: where they may be methods of indirect bathroom lighting, as lit back walls and screens or vanities.

Here the polished edges and crystalline structure come to the fore. For example, a shower screen made of Glaskeramik can be a main attraction if specified in semi-transparent Ice Nugget, Light Grey or Clear Jade types (polished double sided).

The fixing technology should be as per usual metal channel and shuffle glazing methodology using silicone adhesion and soft protection. Unrestrictive from application the material can receive a safety glass status using an additional film or full glass to Glaskeramik lamination. To this end the safety films come in a variety of finishes and textures to create your desired effect.

Polar White, patinated

Object: NEST innovation project at the EMPA in Zurich, designed by architect: Werner Sobek with Dirk E. Hebel and Felix Heisel (KIT Karlsruhe), Ice Nugget as complete wall cladding and shower wall, photo: Zooey Braun

Polar Weiß, poliert

Ojekt: Clarins Project Harvey Nichols Spa, Leeds

Polar White polished, curved

Indoor outdoor bathroom | Design: Bilska de Beaupuy | Location: London, United Kingdom, 2017 | photo: NAARO

Polar White polished

Private house Bathroom London, Design: Laura Sole Interiors, Fine edge design | sliding door

Ice Nugget polished

© Fliesen Götting

Ice Nugget polished, light

Ice Nugget polished | Ocean Blue polished

Creme White, granite

Jade, sandstone

Jade polished

Jade polished