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Interior walls

Glaskeramik is predestined for high value urban interiors, particularly as wall cladding in lift lobbies and in main entrance reception areas, due to its amazing and detailed crystalline structure.

The size of the panels will be limited only by our maximum sheet sizes (3500 mm x 1500 mm patinated finish and 3400 mm x 1400 mm polished finish) and the necessary structural and fixing solutions. Fixings can be made flexible via undercut anchor or using silicon.
Weight of 48 kg/mL at 20 mm can be reduced to a thickness of 15 mm where lift cars require this. There, simple profiles and cassette systems can make fixing possible and mid joints can take the test movements.

In some cases we can form curved material by slumping sheets, here is an example cladding panel beside a revolving entrance doorway, but we can also curve shower screens in this manner. Polished surfaces will be engagingly transformed during curving and show a slight rippling effect.

Lightgrey-Green polished and Polar White patinated

Object: Brewery Warszawskie | Warsaw, Poland | Architects: JEMS | 100 sqm Lightgrey-Green, 500 sqm Polar White


Ice Nugget, polished, backlit

Object: walk-in closet, Switzerland, Ice Nugget double-sided polished, backlit, Foto: Mirco Portolani


Polar Weiß, poliert

Object: Wall-Door-Combination private residence, Prague, Czech, Design and technical solution provided by

Polar White, polished, backlit

Object patinated, backlit: Hotel Castiglione, Paris | architect: Remy Lacau, Lacau&Associés, Paris | Photo copyright: © Jean-Pierre Cousin / OMNIA

Polar White

Object polished: Clarins Project Harvey Nichols Spa, Leeds

Polar White patinated, backlit

Object: Cannon Place Station, Light Wall, London, 2011

Polar White patinated

Object patinated: Naturalia Shop, Paris, Architects: Kengo Kuma, 2011

Polar White backlit

Object backlit: Offices Brook Drive, London

Polar White / Jade backlit

Object backlit: entrance area St. Georges Hospital, London

Polar White

Object: Masdar City Station, Abu Dhabi; Architects: Foster+Partners

Creme White

Object patinated, backside with anti shatter film: box of information church St. Sebaldus, Nürnberg, foto: Marcus Bleyl



Object patinated: Guangzhou, China; Architects: Prof. von Gerkan, Marg + Partner, Hamburg


Object: St. Martin, London

Jade patinated

Object patinated: Kapelle William Booth College, Denmark Hill, London; Architect: Hunter Evans, London, 2011

Jade polished

Object polished: Water wall in the entrance area Hotel, Wien


Object: Showroom Naveen Mehling, Berlin