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Through backlighting one cannot only make an exciting design object but also use colour RGB LEDS to generate colour palettes, as Glaskeramik is a very even light diffuser. Sometimes with a light box 5-10 cm depth of construction or simple LED arrays or LED strips directly on the material or using LED light sheets (such as Polylite) where depths are minimal, areas of even diffusion are large.

Polar white, backlit

Object: Casino Wien

Polar White patinated, backlit

Object: Cannon Place Station, Light Wall, London, 2011

Ocean Blue patinated, backlit

Object: Discothek "Star", Bremen | Design + realisation: popup bau, Herford | Foto: Martin Stöver Fotografie, Weyhe

Jade, backlit

Study waterfall

Jade polished, backlit

Polar White