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Combination of materials fire and water

The play of light, detailed structure, of surface finish, texture and aesthetic makes for an exciting material opportunity as yet unseen in the market.
It can be used in combination with other materials to great effect, options such as stainless steel, bronze and brass, natural stone and concrete make for a creative meeting of surfaces. The mix of effects using water in fountains, or pools, as well as material on chimney pieces and fireplaces makes for great drama in a space.

Jade patinated

Object: Architekturpavillon gmp, Elbchaussee, HH; Architects: gmp

Jade polished, backlit

Jade polished

Object: waterwall, Euro Plaza Hotel, Wien by Rosskopf & Partner


Green polished

Object: Citty Fountain, Shopping Center Lübeck


Jade polished

Test water feature lit