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Other exterior systems

Linear support, profile fixation

In external environments the material can additionally be made an attraction with backlighting. The motorway services shopping area at Schondorf Ammersee has lit facade elements in Glaskeramik as highly visible features as the material directs the light intensely and in a pronounced manner unlike other diffuser materials.

Magna Glaskeramik fitted well into the design concept through its sustainability and energy neutrality,
added to that was its upcycling principles, 100% recyclability with the associated C2C and LEED accreditation.
Other applications in facades are offered as closed curtain wall systems. Here often using post and beam curtain systems whereby the Glaskeramik becomes the outer leaf of the insulated glazing as a laminated (safety glass to Glaskeramik) panel and can be viewed from both sides to allow light inside a building. Some choices of Glaskeramik will allow some partial visibility through, others only light and not a view.

DM service station | Schondorf/Ammersee

Architect: Rossa und Partner | Polar White and Green patinated / backlit

Appart Hotel Bear Gardens | London

 Jade polished

Currywurstbude | Berlin

Lighting designer: Naveen Mehling | Polar White polished, backlit