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Opening Showroom Düsseldorf

Thank you for your visit

On 16.05.2019 the big opening ceremony of the new NEOLITH® Urban Boutique in Düsseldorf | Higher Route 230 - the first showroom ever in Germany. We thank you for stopping by and sharing with us creative applications, ideas and combinations of ceramic surfaces.

In the future, you can also visit our unique new IDEEN room on 250 sqm and let us advise you as a planner: NEOLITH® in conjunction with exclusive GLASKERAMIK®.

Interior designer Niels Karsten Kniest from nkk Raumkonzepte has transformed a huge production hall into a breathtaking display of the potential applications of NEOLITH® + MAGNA GLASKERAMIK®. Upon entering the showroom, visitors are presented with a kitchen, a library area and a freestanding bath, which immediately demonstrates the variety of possible uses.

Showers, bathrooms and vanity units in different styles in this large space help designers and retailers capture the full creative potential of Neolith, whether it's wall coverings, floor coverings, countertops or kitchen sinks.