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The production process using crushing and classification processes, scrap flat glass (waste glass) is transformed into glass granulates. In a complex mixing process, the glass granulates are mixed with various additives, shaped into panels and then sintered in a patented sintering process. Subsequently the sintered panels are placed into cooling hoods and cooled under controlled conditions. In the finishing process the raw panels are calibrated, on request they can be polished and then cut to the required size.



This glass ceramic material is almost 100% recyclable.
Glass ceramic plays an important role in the careful use of natural resources and improvement of the sustainability balance in building projects and design objects. This is an enormously important factor in view of ecological requirements.
In support of the pioneering role played by glass ceramic for sustainably produced materials, we are currently working towards various sustainable certificates for MAGNA Glaskeramik.


The declaration of the material glass ceramic in the ecological product data bank, means that the advantages of structuran© and decoran© as sustainable building materials are highlighted in so-called GreenBuilding projects according to the DGNB and the American LEED standard.


ISO 14001 Environmental Management

It’s not just the products structuran© and decoran© alone, the whole company MAGMA Glaskeramik company are passionately committed to the ever increasing importance of care with resources and efficiency.

For this reason we are currently working towards the certification of our environmental management system according to ISO 14001 und EMAS.


Cradle to Cradle

The Cradle to Cradle principle is a systematic use of resources, whereby production methods are geared towards the preservation of materials.

The raw material in structuran© and decoran© is virtually 100 % scrap material from the industry and bottle glass production, and after use, the final product can also be completely recycled, a so-called endless loop. This means that glass ceramic is a prime example of the efficient use of resources and raw materials.

For this reason, we are currently working towards an official Cradle to Cradle certification for MAGNA Glaskeramik.


SKA rating

Magna Glaskeramik sheet is compliant with the criteria of M06 Joinery in Higher Education v1.0


A SKA rating will enable you to measure 100% of the environmental performance of interior fitout joinery.

ift Rosenheim: Testing Institute for the Evaluation of the Fitness for Use of Construction Products


ift Rosenheim is an internationally active, technical-scientific service provider and specialist as testing institute for the evaluation of the fitness for use of construction products. The spectrum of ift Rosenheim comprises among other things window tests according to EN 14351-1, facade tests according to EN 13830, fire tests according to EN 16034 as well as glass and building material tests.

As notified test laboratory and product certification body, ift Rosenheim has issued for MAGNA GLASKERAMIK® a certificate of constancy of performance.