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Indoor outdoor bathroom

curved shower double polished Ice Nugget

Indoor outdoor bathroom | Design: Bilska de Beaupuy | Location: London, United Kingdom, 2017 | Foto: NAARO

The Indoor Outdoor Bathroom is a refurbishment of a 6 square meter en-suite bathroom in central London. The Client wished to feel like she was ‘Outside’, while being indoors in her bathroom. We took the Client’s brief literally and decided to explore ‘what is Outside?’. In the design research we associated ‘Outside’ with ‘Nature’. Answers to questions - ‘how does Nature look like? How does Nature Function? What does Nature Feel like? - gave us a range of ideas on which we based the formal concept of the project. By studying characteristics of Nature and translating them into language of design we aimed to create an in-between zone, somewhere that is neither Inside nor Outside, a space that becomes a metaphor of Nature.