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Magna exhibited at ECOBUILD London

March 07-09 th

Magna Glaskeramik exhibited at Londons premier Green Construction Exhibition "Ecobuild" in the Docklands this month; where Low Impact Ltd (UK/Scandinavia Agent) displayed a 40M2 showstand of new and carbon neutral or negative performance materials into the sector to great acclaim. On the variegated stand were displays of not only the Magna Glaskeramik as dining and desk tables in bottle glasses, and in lit arrangements, but additionally a part of the show space was given over to the partnership with installer company LithoDecor whose aerated concrete substrate was displayed using Magna Glaskeramik as an opaque solution with colour films offering depth of material. Alsecco, the UK installer company were offering consultations on the stand during the show period and showing thier wide work with Airtec systems. The newest item on stand was the large format Carbon Fibre laminated 6mm marble stone from Clean Carbon Technologies GmbH who are trying to promote this carbon negative production of CF from desert based algae farming and solar parabolic carbonization. This caused considerable interest and was picked up by the press. The stand was positioned in the key RESOURCE area beside the Circular Theatre which was always full of clientele and became a big attraction in the show.